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Changing the Way We Think About Food




Just last week, the National Archives announced a new partnership with award winning chef José Andrés to create the exhibit What’s Cooking Uncle Sam? The Government’s  Effect on the American Diet. 


The exhibit, inside the Lawrence F. O’Brien Gallery in the National Archives, is a collection of records, documents and films chronicling the US government’s efforts throughout history to feed citizens with a healthy and sustaining diet.  The Archives will offer a series of programs, open to the public, discussing the role of Government in our everyday diet.


The partnership means that Andrés, the recent winner of the prestigious James Beard Foundation Award as Outstanding Chef, will transform his Cafe Atlántico restaurant into the America Eats Tavern, right around the corner from the Archives.

“Hopefully, we will be doing more than feeding your stomach.  We will be feeding your history,” Andrés explained.   “We want to discover recipes and plant the seed that everyone in America understands.”


The restaurant, which opens June 10th, 2011, will be treated as a ‘culinary destination’, and will compliment the National Archives’ exhibit.


The Tavern is named after a program from the WPA, or the Work Progress Administration, created during the Great Depression.  “This project with the National Archives is opening the door to the past, so we can understand our present,” Andrés said.


He added, “If we use food in the right way, we can end hunger in the United States, and around the world.  To feed people in the right way is not about Democrats or Republicans. It’s a human deed.”